Cauberg-Huygen Consulting Engineers, CHRI NL is with 160 employees (SME) one of the leading consulting companies in the Netherlands. Its fields of expertise are: building physics, sustainable building, ventilation, acoustics, energy, environment, indoor air quality, and fire regulations both in consulting in practice and in applied scientific research work. CHRI’s clients are architects, building developers and contractors, energy agencies, local and national governments. CHRI has a strong involvement with building practice as well as applied scientific research. CHRI is member of the working group Innovation of the national energy transition platform and is advisor for the Dutch Project group Sustainable Energy Project Developers, an umbrella organisation of 30 real estate developers with high ambitions in sustainable energy.

CHRI also has extended experience with integrated design approach within national and international projects. CHRI is currently coordinator of IEE IDES-EDU and FP6 CONCERTOII REMINING-lowex and the national EOS long term research projects Sustainable Community Development (TRANSEP-DGO), Sustainable Real estate Development after 2015 (DP2015) and INTEWON (individual information technology for sustainable housing). CHRI has also extended experience in advanced ESCO concepts (IEE ECOLISH, REMING-lowex) as well as experience in solving social economic constraints for NZEB projects. General manager and founder of the company Hans Cauberg is professor at Delft Technical University. This position builds a bridge between theoretical researches on university level to practical applied research on consultancy level.

Cauberg-Huygen Consulting Engineers is very active in initiating collaboration projects between educational institutes and the business sector. The project ‘District of Tomorrow’ is one of the first successful projects with this collaboration. CHRI offers internships and courses for students of Zuyd in designing the demonstration and training buildings. These buildings are also used by CHRI as training objects for the FP6 REMINING-lowex project.

The collaboration has led to the IEE IDES-EDU action, in which 15 universities develop master and post graduate courses are developed for integrated energy and building design. In this project, each universities forms a national partnership with the buildings sector.

Currently CHRI and Zuyd are together active in a new project for the so called Top Sectors on innovation for the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and Innovation. The proposed EURL3A project is a further extension of the collaboration between the educational and business sector where CHRI will act as a moderator for the business sector and will be active in the acquisition for new green young entrepreneurs to participate and to collaborate within new innovation R&D projects that will be initiated for the Top Sectors. These projects will specially focus on new solutions for large scale NZE retrofitting (but also for NZE new building).

Furthermore, CHRI will deploy the results of the IDES-EDU project (as coordinator) by organising Post Graduate Courses for building professionals for NZE integrated building design, together with Zuyd.

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