The Czech Technical University in Prague is the largest school providing engineering education in the Czech Republic since 18th century. CTU consists from 7 faculties and 2 institutes. The total number of employees is 3200; approx. 1500 members of academic staff are working in about 150 research groups. The research is undertaken in all basic disciplines taught at the university, the major part of the research can be characterized as a mission oriented as applied research. More than 400 scientific projects are supported by grants awarded by national and international programs each year.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE), with nearly 6000 students and 400 teaching and research staff, is one of the largest schools providing civil engineering university education world-wide. The FCE runs a study program focused on sustainable building called Buildings and Environment and cooperates in the university-wide study program Intelligent buildings. These two programs are focused on sustainability design of buildings and building performance quality within the whole life cycle. In 2012 new CTU research centre – University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings has been founded and new testing laboratories are being built nearby Prague.

CVUT has a rich experience in cooperation with industry. The university has recently established a new research institute University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB), which will concentrate a critical level of expertise, top-level equipment and industrial partners in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable building. The experimental facility is under construction and is planned to be finished by 06/2013. UCEEB with real-scale testing laboratory and field ready for live monitoring of experimental buildings (part of Real Life Learning Labs) will provide a unique background for research projects of MSc and PhD students. This will enable the multidisciplinary teams of young researchers to work on tasks provided by regional enterprises allowing the students to get practical experience and help the enterprises with their business making innovations. CVUT has in place running interdisciplinary MSc courses Intelligent Buildings and Buildings and Environment. Experience from the courses will provide inputs to the sharing portal with other project partners. CVUT has been partner in the IDES-EDU project, so its implementation into the curricula is a logical step.

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