Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana (IRI UL) is one of the leading research institute in the Ljubljana region of Slovenia. It was established in 2007 by the University of Ljubljana (public university) and by leading Slovenian companies as the innovation and development institute and service for knowledge and technology transfer of Slovenia’s biggest University. It is a non-profit research and development institution whose aim is to establish a long run and reciprocal partnership between the University of Ljubljana, Slovene industry and public institutions in order to foster research and development activities. The mission of the IRI UL is to identify the research and development needs of the Slovene economy and competencies of researchers at the University of Ljubljana. The task of IRI UL is also to develop and manage research and development projects; to protect the intellectual property of the University of Ljubljana; to establish the entrepreneurial partnership between the industry and the University and to transfer the research and development outcomes into commercial applications for public use and benefit. With the access to the intellectual capital of the UL institute need to effectively develop a national and international research and development projects. Ambitious management team of the IRI UL possesses the valuable experiences in leading and managing these projects as well.

Currently the researchers of IRI UL are highly involved in the Project of Energy Efficient Buildings of University of Ljubljana (UL) to assess the investment potential in renewable energy and energy efficiency at the UL with the support of the ELENA investment programme. With the involvement of key researchers from the UL and the private sector (ESCos), IRI UL will implement the investment programme to achieve energy efficiency of the buildings of UL. Furthermore, IRI UL is active in the field of Energy Managements Systems, developing and leading the partnership with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UL and company Metronik (Slovene private company) to develop and implement innovative solutions for energy management. Next, in the EUREKA project EE-COP (Configurable Open Platform for Energy Efficiency Management) IRI UL forms the knowledge partnership with the company Metronik to develop knowledge and software support for energy management specialized for buildings and industry. IRI UL was and is also involved in several EU FP6 and FP7 projects like Global Education Manufacturing (GEM), Custom-fit, IRIS and TARGET.

In the EURL3A project IRI UL will enhance the already established network between Slovene private sector (e.g. company Metronik) and University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) to form a Knowledge alliance and develop a Real Life Learning Lab, to educate Slovene future engineers, support the exchange of knowledge between higher education and companies, and to foster innovation and entrepreneurship of future engineers, company staff and university professors. With already established networks IRI UL will build on several good practices to support and enhance knowledge partnerships in the field of energy efficiency and lowering energy consumption.

Following the objectives of the proposal, IRI UL will identify the in-house knowledge within the UL and will furthermore bring it into practice embedding the sustainability in education, shaping future green entrepreneurs for the building sector in Slovenia. IRI UL will also act as a bridge between central and south-eastern Europe, disseminating results and best practices among several partners from South-east Europe (e.g. Metronik Zagreb – Croatia; Metronik Beograd – Serbia; Metronik Sofija – Bulgaria; University of Zagreb, Croatia; University of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina) to maximize the impact of the project.

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