Metronik is the leading system integrator for industrial and building automation and recognized provider of IT solutions for production management and analysis (MES). Metronik provides its users with state-of-the-art automation and IT solutions and technology, which among other offer effective energy management and reduced energy consumption. In Slovenia and broader, Metronik is already present in the specialized niche of energy management solutions for industry and building sector. Metronik has 59 employees and has its internal R&D group Metronik Razvoj, which has successfully finished over 50 R&D projects. Metronik has the annual turnover of 6,88 million EUR (2010) and invests 13,1% of annual income in R&D projects. Metronik has know-how about industry and building market requirements as well as knowledge about energy management. Two successful installations of Metronik Energy Management software in two recognized companies – Ljubljanske mlekarne ( and Premogovnik Velenje ( prove Metronik competence in this field. Premogovnik Velenje got the reward for the most energy efficient company in Slovenia, also thanks to installed Metronik solution. Metronik is furthermore the leading system integrator for process control, automation and manufacturing IT for the industry and building sector in the South-east European region. In Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria, the Metronik customers are the recognized companies in pharmaceutical and food and beverage sector. Metronik also serves many important commercial buildings through entire region. Two key goals of the Metronik’s business strategy in the next five years are to develop new advanced specialized software solutions for energy management to attract companies in industrial sector and buildings, and to form effective partnerships with other business partners and higher education institutions in the region to assure knowledge transfer and continuous development and growth of Metronik and its employees.

Metronik and IRI UL (with its network of faculties within University of Ljubljana) already form an effective partnership, which was and is involved in several projects in the domain of energy efficiency and energy management systems. Metronik will participate and provide its expertise and knowledge to jointly design and deliver new and multidisciplinary curricula and courses in the field of energy efficiency, will enable training activities taking place within the company and will involve professors and students forming the partnership to solve real life business problems. The special focus will be dedicated to enhancing structured mobility, e.g. 1) placing students of the University of Ljubljana within the company to solve real life and state-of-the-art energy efficiency problems and fostering their entrepreneurial thinking, 2) involving Metronik staff in training and teaching and 3) transferring the knowledge from the University of Ljubljana to foster innovation and develop specific tailor made solutions. To achieve maximum impact, Metronik will also participate in the dissemination of the Real Life Learning Lab concept with its open education activities across different partner companies in the South-east European region. In these countries, Metronik has its daughter companies: Metronik Sustavi (Croatia), Metronik Inžjeniring (Serbia) and Metronik Systems (Bulgaria).

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