International Exchange

The main task of EURL3A project is to improve technical education, making education in this field more efficient and attractive by a dynamic integration of practice and theory by the so called Real Life Learning Lab Concept (RLLL)

The main task of international exchange program within EURL3A project is to develop and prove innovative teaching and training methods for students and post graduates/experts in practice by implementing the RLLL at three universities – ZUYD, CTU and UL.

Within the pilot project 24 students (8 per country) did their internship (3 – 5 moths) at one of the partner Universities.  In RLLL multidisciplinary teams of students and young entrepreneurs, under mentorship of professionals from universities and industry worked on Real Life assignments from the business sector and research field. Participating students had to pick up a topic offered by the partner Higher Education Institution.

The pilot project has already finished. However it is still possible to participate in an exchange between ZUYD, CTU and UL.

The time schedule varies per university. It is recommended to contact your local supervisor for more information. Ph.D. students are also welcome to participate.

The length of the internship is 5 months. The actual stay in the other country can be 3 months; in this case preparation time and ending time are 2 months. For detailed information see Administration Process.