Administration process

Administration & Financial process

Here you can find step-by-step information about international exchange.

Step 1st: Project Topic

Choose the main RLLL topic according to your professional interests:

RLLL CZ: UCEEB – Multipurpose experimental building in Bustehrad

RLLL SI: Refurbishment of the Main Building of University of Ljubljana

RLLL NL: District of Tomorrow

Choose a particular topic in the RLLL Topic list. For the topic list consult the sending supervisor

Changes according to professional interests are possible, mutual agreement between Sending Supervisor and Receiving Supervisor is always needed.

Step 2nd: Application

Fill in the application form and send it to Sending Supervisor.

For the Czech students:

For the Slovenian students:

For the Dutch students:

Sending Supervisor will send the application form to Receiving Supervisor and he will contact Local Business Partner Consultant. During this process the topic will be defined properly, topic changes or arrangements will be agreed and final topic will be defined together with the project level (semestral work, Bc., M.Sc., Ph.D.).

The exchange will be part of the Erasmus+ program. Contact your sending supervisor for more information about this. The student is responsible for this administration process.

After this process the application form will be approved and you will be allowed to start the internship.

Step 3rd: Preparation & Finance

Before you leave your destination you have arrange travel insurance, accommodation (in cooperation with Receiving Supervisor), etc.

The scholarship will be arranged within the Erasmus+ program. Contact the local responsible person.

Step 4th: After Arrival and During the Stay

Send a short report after arrival to the Sending Supervisor (during second week of the stay) including short description of students work (after the first meeting with Receiving Supervisor and Local Business Partner Supervisor)

Send a short report to the Sending Supervisor after every meeting with Local Business Partner Supervisor (minimum  5 meetings needed)

Step 5th: Internship Closure

After finishing your internship you have to send the final report and copy of the project to the Sending Supervisor.

Forms and documents see templates