Student Experience internship Ljubljana

The company Metronik has assigned Jeroen Baijens to work on their energy management system for the Eurl3a project in Ljubljana. He is learning to work with their energy management system and does a research if the system also could be successful in the Netherlands. The project is a pilot project and therefore not everything is arranged smooth, but besides that Jeroen is satisfied with his internship.

At the moment Daniël Hendriks is working at the university of Ljubljana, at the faculty of Electrical Engineering. Currently he is working with the program Relux, to create simulations of the daylight in the building. The goal of his research is to make a recommendation of the most efficient light system for the faculty, and the financial benefits that come with it.

Ljubljana is a small city, but beautiful to see. Because it is so small you get familiar with everything very quickly.  It’s a real student city and that’s why there are a lot of young people there. The restaurants in Ljubljana are quite good and for students they have special fees for dishes. The big advantage of Slovenia is that it is located in the centre of Europe, so it is easy to travel to other places and countries.

 Student Experience internship Prague

For  his internship Timmy van Winssen has been commissioned to make a business plan for a new product named the Envilop. This product is a curtain wall system that has been created on the UCEEB Real life learning lab. Several other group members are also working on this system. The contacts with the other exchange students are good. In their free time they do a lot together.

Maxime Meessen works during the week on her project and she takes a few courses for her own interest.  Two times a week the students have a project meeting where they need to discuss their work and sometimes that includes a presentation. Maxime: ‘It’s a nice project with a lot of challenges, there is much to learn’.

Tobias Sheehan’s and Niklas Landgraf’s experiences in Prague so far have been really good: ‘When we arrived at the university, our supervisors took care of everything for us regarding paper work. We only had to pick up our student passes and public transportation pas. Regarding the project, everything has turned out great so far. The supervisors are doing their job very well and we all have a clear idea of what to do, to finish the project in a good manner’.

Prague in itself has a lot to offer to the students. The amount of shops, bars and restaurants is huge and there is enough to do just outside Prague. Using the public transport system it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to get anywhere in Prague. Furthermore if you love nature, you can also go mountain biking, cycling or hiking in the beautiful rocky landscape surrounding Prague.


  • 046 Buiten Postonja
  • Main Building University of Ljubljana